Ways To Help Our School Amidst Budget Cuts and Spending Freezes

As most of you have probably already heard, MNPS has proposed an adjustment in the budget and allocation of funds to individual schools for the 2018-19 school year. The district has also immediately instituted a hiring, travel and purchasing freeze at schools in light of a $7.5 million shortfall for the year.

I'm not here to discuss the ins and outs of MNPS budgeting, though you may read about it on The Tennessean here: "How the upcoming Nashville public schools budget proposal will impact your child's school" and "Nashville school board members call for a review of expenditures in light of $7.5 million shortfall."

Dan Mills' PTO is dedicated to supporting our school in whatever way possible so that our students, teachers and administration can thrive. So here are some things you, the parents of Dan Mills, can do to help our school.

  • Reach out to your child's teacher and ask if there's anything they need in the classroom to get through to the end of the year.
  • Attend our Spring Auction fundraiser on April 19. And bring your wallet! ;)
  • Volunteer in the classroom. Talk to your child's teacher and see if they have tasks they need help completing.
  • Get involved with the PTO.
  • Gift your child's teacher with an Amazon gift card or another gift card to a school supply store.
  • Attend our PTO Live! meetings to see where else you can plug in.
  • Tell your teachers "thank you."
  • Donate to the PTO - contact us if you'd like to. The funds collected by the PTO directly go back to the school to fund such things as increased security measures, computers, teacher supplies, literacy kits, teacher requests, and all kinds of other things.

Have more ideas? Share them in the comments!