Why Aren’t We Ballin’ Yet?


If you’ve been silently wondering “Hey, what’s the holdup?” on that Basketball Court we proposed as part of our objectives with the funds raised at last year’s incredible Dragon Dash, this is the post for answering that question!

Last year as we began to take action on this long-awaited and highly anticipated project, a few other circumstances arose that required a change of plan. The lengthy approval process with MNPS engineering and architecture departments dragged on for 3/4 of the school year.

As we waited the green-light and followed MNPS protocol, a more pressing and immediate need emerged that both the school Administration and PTO Board deemed a higher priority than the basketball court: New computers for the school computer lab. $9k was then allocated towards the purchase of new computers! The computer lab has never run more smoothly, and we were so grateful to have the ability to provide for this need—this would never have been possible without such awesome support for the Dragon Dash last year.

To responsibly ensure enough money was kept in PTO reserves to cover a variety of other school needs last year, it was necessary for the Board to postpone the basketball court until proper funds were available. We are excited to revive this project as a priority (and see it to completion) for the funds we raise at this year’s upcoming Dragon Dash (our only fundraiser for the year!) 

Dan Mills is blessed with such a unique and supportive community because of parents like you who care so deeply for your kids, teachers and administration. We know that together we can achieve all our goals to continue improving our school and strengthening our community.

If you’ve got further questions about the basketball court, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! And for more information on the Third Annual DMES Dragon Dash on October 4th, click here