Are you a Dan Mills room parents? If so, this is the place for you to find all of the information you need to be successful in helping your child's teacher have a successful year!

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So, you want to be a Room Parent?

Room Parenting 101 - Some Frequently Asked Questions and Some Great Answers!


Q:           What does the term “Room Parent” really mean?

A:            Long ago, the term was “Room Mom”, which in this day and age seems like we wouldn’t allow Dads in the classroom!  Now we have opened the door to any parent, guardian, even grandparents!  In a nutshell, you, as Room Parent, are the liaison between the PTO, teacher and the parents.  You will be asked to coordinate parties, in-classroom help like reading with students, and other activities according to what the teacher’s plans are.  You will also coordinate your class’s teacher appreciation throughout the year.   


Q:           Isn’t that a lot of work for one person?

A:            Not if you know how to delegate!  You will receive a list of parents with phone numbers and/or email addresses that you will keep confidential, so that everyone has a chance to participate in the class activities.  Your job is to match the right parent to the right task, just by asking them what they are willing to do!  Here at Dan Mills we are working to have both a Lead and Co- room parent for each class to share the responsibilities. 


Q:           How do I know what to ask for?

A:            You will work closely with the teacher to find out what the needs will be for the year and what his/her expectations are.  Together, you can make a sign-up sheet for parents to see at the open house on Aug. 21st at 6:30 p.m. or coordinate via email as the needed. The parents will let you know what they are comfortable with by signing up for the activity that suits their talents or abilities.   


Q:           What information do I need from the parents?

A:            A useful tool in dealing with many parents is to find out what the best form of communication will be with each one.  Personal contact is always best, but some parents find email easier than trying to call many parents in a short amount of time.  Another important piece of information is learning of any food allergies in the classroom.  Find out now before any events involving food have taken place!


Q:           Are there other things I might be responsible for?

A:            Yes, in the grand scheme of things, there are other things that the PTO may ask of you.  Because you are the connection to the teacher and the students, you may be asked to help us coordinate volunteers for events that we hold during the course of the year. 


Q:           What are the benefits of being a Room Parent?

A:            Almost too numerous to mention!  You will get to know your child in a different light, and see young minds grow throughout the year.  A very important reward is having the chance to help one of the few people who work harder than you do - your child’s teacher! 


If you have any questions please contact Claudia Schenck at or 615.336.5646.  Thank you for your interest in helping!